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4 Tips to Maximize Recovery in a Ride Share Accident

Ride-sharing accident cases are rising in California. Although there are no official statistics regarding
ride-share accidents, news stories regularly reveal gruesome cases of Uber or Lyft accident. Those
involved in the ride-share accident suffer great financial hardship and emotional turmoil due to the

Accidents involving Uber and Lyft involve certain legal complexities. The ride-sharing accidents are
different as compared to other auto accidents. You should connect with a specialized ride-share lawyer
to get adequate compensation for the losses.

Here you will know invaluable tips to ensure that you get the best possible compensation after getting
injured in a ride-sharing accident.

1. File a Report Immediately

You should not leave a ride-sharing accident case go unreported. Immediately contact the police and
inform about getting injured in an accident. You should tell exactly what happened that led to the

Vital evidence can get destroyed if you delay in reporting about the incident. The lost evidence could
have proved invaluable in determining the guilt of the driver without any reasonable doubt. As a result,
you will probably get less compensation for the damages from the guilty party. What worse, the driver
may even accuse you of causing the accident if you don’t report in a timely manner.

2. Keep Documentary Evidence

You should start recording the extent of injuries sustained right after the evidence. The documents
should be properly organized and accurately record the extent of the injuries.

Apart from the details of your injuries, you should also record other details about the accident. Consider
taking photos of the accident scene including damage to your property. Moreover, you should note
down the contact information of any witnesses to the scene of the accident. You should record every
detail about the accident including those that you think are minor. These details may help in building a

strong case in your favor thereby increasing the chances of obtaining maximum possible compensation
from the guilty driver.

3. Avoid Giving Any Statement

You should not make any statement even if you are partly to be blamed for the accident. That’s a task
that you should leave for the legal counsel of the guilty party. You should best let your legal
representative handle all communication regarding the case.

4. Know About the Insurance Coverage

Understanding the insurance coverage is also important to maximize the benefits in case of a ride-
sharing accident case. The fact is Lyft, Uber and other ride-sharing companies are subject to rules that
are different than rules applicable to taxi companies.

You need to contact an experienced ride-share accident attorney to know the insurance coverage
applicable in your case. Your compensation claim will be affected by different factors such as whether
the driver had accepted the ride when the accident occurred. Your attorney will offer you expert legal
counsel to help you receive the maximum possible compensation from the guilty party.